Strategic Partnerships

Founded in 2011 & Incorporated in 2013 in one of Vancouver’s grittiest neighbourhoods, Lords of Gastown is a Life Style Brand. Spawned in the PNW and raised in East Vancouver, their love for Harley-Davidson led to the design of street wear & apparel offerings geared to the brand’s enthusiasts. They quickly gained the interest of Brian Barnes of Barnes Harley-Davidson Canada. Barnes Harley-Davidson operates Canada’s top 3 dealerships and was a perfect partner for Lords to grow their audience.

With the help of Barnes Harley-Davidson, Lords was able to develop wholesale partnerships across North America. Lords reputation for design and quality grew, gathering notoriety and a massive social following across the United States with a strong following in California, Lords was invited to Born Free Motorcycle Show in 2015, Born Free is California’s largest and most influential custom motorcycle show and Lords was one of the first Canadian Brands to be invited. Opening doors for partnerships and collaborations with some of America’s oldest and most respected motorcycle brands like: Corbin, BMC, TBR, Simpson, Bell, Heatwave & Espinoza’s Leather.

Following the cult like success of Lords of Gastown Motorcycle Life Style Brand comes Lords of Grasstown Cannabis Culture Brand. In 2013 the Grasstown Brand was launched as a passion project by Tyler Hazelwood with a focus on a collection of simple clean yet edgy street wear apparel & products including a CBD soap line with a nod to Fight Club.

In 2015 partnering with BC genetic Guru JB to bring some of Canada’s high testing medical cannabis strains into the fold. Lords gathered phenomenal social exposure with placement of their legendary Grasstown Lowrider Ice Cream Truck at Vancouver’s 420 Event, meet & greet Granville street smoke out event with Yela Wolf, & a guest night hosted by MGK.

“PacRoots is thrilled to partner with such an incredible brand and story driven by artists with a passionate vision that resonates throughout a massive community. The creators, designers and marketers behind Lords of Grasstown have a truly unique and talented offering that will be invaluable to the PacRoots organization. The Grasstown culture compliments PacRoots’ foundation of variety and quality built on the west coast. This platform brings a tremendous following that embraces these attributes which are well positioned to excel in BC and California’s west coast marketplaces. I truly feel like we are about 1 mile from Grasstown!” - Patrick Elliot, PacRoots President & CEO.

Through the Lords of Grasstown’s strategic partnerships and alliances in the motorcycle and legal cannabis communities, the initial launch of Grasstown USA into California has been well accepted and recognized. PacRoots and Grasstown are excited to build on the initial momentum and expand the brand and offerings though our alliances in the region.

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