How We Cultivate

Rock Creek JV

Rock Creek is a well establish agricultural mecca situated in British Columbia’s ’Golden Mile’ in the South Okanagan Valley. It is celebrated for its ideal climate conditions, honouring this region’s tradition of excellence and a family legacy that has grown here for more than 120 years. PacRoots is delighted to be involved with such a rich heritage and years of agriculture expertise to apply to this 100-acre Hemp CBD Project.

The JV Operations team is excited to head into the 2021 planting season. The Company is eager to get an early start, weather permitting, on propagation, field prep and planting. A tremendous effort has been devoted by our farmers and scientists to monitoring, testing water, soil and product, and utilizing the data to accelerate and optimize the operations strategy towards a robust 2021 outdoor project.


Craft Cannabis Cultivation

The Pac Roots Farming team consists of independent west coast growers; combining talent, resources and generations of passion for the industry. Our extensive genetics catalogue has endured thousands of hours of stress and stability tests under HID and LED lighting, as well as production in greenhouses and variable climates.

Square Footage

20,000 sq/ft


Given the massive genetics library, Pac Roots is well positioned to be a trailblazer in providing industry leading strains not currently available in the regulated market.


Our partners catalog consists of over 350 analytically assayed and rigorously filed tested cultivars. Continued development of elite lineages continues to offer unique varieties focused on medicinal and specific cannabinoid and terpene profiles. A substantial amount of vertical use space will be applied to new generation and nursery use for genetic preservation and production of clippings/clones.


B.C. based company focused on developing the futures of genetics!

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